Open Air Section

Open Section, covers an area of 10 hectares and is composed over 35 peasant households. The reason for organizing this important museum, derives from the importance of viticulture and pomiculture on Arges territory. The museum comprises two major sectors that represent two ways of solving exhibition:

  • An open area, that represents the peasant civilization from mid nineteen century of the main viticulture and pomiculture areas of the country;
  • The exhibition sector, destined to represent by authentic objects and auxiliary specific elements, the viticulture and pomiculture history in Romania, from ancient times until today, including, obviously, and the development prospects of the two occupations
  • The most important sector of the museum, is represented by the rural houses brougt from the main viticulture an pomiculture areas of Romania, grouped as a Romanian village. Each wine or fruit-growing household includes within it: dwelling house, dependencies, specific installations and working tools, required to practice various occupations: agriculture, cattle breeding, bee culture etc.