To get to Mueul Goleşti you only need desire. The road is short, but at the end of which you will find it was worth every meter traveled to this destination combining relaxation need and need to know, to identify with their past, history and tradition.
Goleşti Museum is just 10 Km away from Pitesti, Pitesti-Bucharest on Old Road. You can get here by car themselves and with transport routes Pitesti Ştefăneşti-Goleşti that can be found near Nicolae Bălcescu hospital.


Muzeul Viticulturii şi Pomiculturii Goleşti, Street Banul Radu Golescu, Nr. 1, Ştefăneşti, Zip code: 117715
Phone: 0248.266.364; 0737.508.672; 0371.049.714 Fax: 0248.265.148; E-mail: cmngolesti@yahoo.com

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