The souvenir shop of the Golești Museum is waiting for you to cross its threshold. In this elegant and welcoming space are exhibited authentic handicrafts, made with love by important contemporary craftsmen, keepers of Romanian old traditions and techniques. Objects that tell the old story of the Romanian traditions are made of clay, wood, organic textile fibers.

Various types of pottery, executed in different techniques and beautifully decorated offers you a diverse range of clay objects with which to add a little more beauty to the environment of your home.

Traditional Romanian life is closely linked to the woodworking. Wood has a life full of warmth. It has been widely used in the construction of houses and outbuildings, but also for making household and decorative objects that can be found in any old household. Geometric ornaments are predominant in the Romanian art of wood carving. From crosses and props, to choppers, mortars, spoons and all kinds of useful dishes, the souvenir shop offers you to choose from a wide range of wooden objects made by skilled contemporary craftsmen.

The folk costume is one of the most important manifestations of the traditional culture. It’s a living testimony of the historical genesis and evolutionary forms of our culture. Through his study we can establish the areas of spread or assimilated influences from other civilizations. From our store you will not buy a simple object, but a wonderful and symbolic story colored and sewn with care and grace on homemade cloth. Women’s blouses and men’s shirts, vests, laces, hats, bracelets and necklaces – all handcrafted – are there in our store waiting for those who want to take with them a part of the Romanian tradition.

Toys made of natural materials are waiting to become the joy and playful friend of our little visitors.


Wonderful decorative objects, creations of contemporary artists, in which we find the colors of the seasons from Golești countruside, are on sale in our store.

The natural sweets and jams made in Topoloveni, the good and famous wine from the Ștefănești vineyard complete the offer of our museum store.

The store is open from Monday to Sunday, between 8.00 Am-4.00 PM (between November 1 and March 31) and between 9.00 AM-6.00 PM (between April 1 and October 31).

Accepted payment methods: cash

Contact shop-Phone: 0737 508 673