Make your trip more attractive by including a creative workshop in the program! Goleşti Museum has an attractive and diversified offer for the development of the creative side and the artistic sense of its visitors, whether pupils or adults. Teachers or guides who want to include a workshop in the trip program are welcome to contact us. Scheduling is mandatory at 0248266364.

Creative workshops last for an hour.

The fees will be paid to the craftsmen / workshops coordinators. The museum charges a fee of 7 lei / participant / workshop which is not included in the price of the creative workshop.

Coordinator Simina Arsene

„Memories box” Workshop – making a wooden box for jewelry, decorated with the napkin technique and with beads – 30 lei

Paintings made from felt “In the grandparents’ garden” – 25 lei

Photo frame workshop – decorated using the napkin technique – 25 lei

Workshop mirror decorated with mosaic – 30 lei

Coordinator Malvine Mocenco

Painting on porcelain plates – 1 painted plate – 25 lei

Painting on glass mugs – 1 painted mug – 25 lei

Coordinator Elena Nencov

Tarditional dolls workshop – 1 pupet – 30 lei

Coordinators Nicoleta and Ion Mitroi

Modeling clay houses workshop – 30 lei

Modeling clay ornaments workshop – 30 lei

Painting on wooden spoons – 30 lei

Coordinator Gabriela Popescu-Onu

The sweet  bunny of the Easter – decorating gingerbread – set of 3 figurines – 25 lei

Gingerbread house  – 30 lei