Set on a hill leading down to the mysterious and beautiful valley of the Cotmeana River, the church dedicated to Saint Nicholas was the heart of a traditional Romanian community where raising cattle, growing fruit trees and vineyards, but especially processing the wood were fundamental economic activities. The Dragutesti village (now called Spiridoni) was surrounded by dense and endless forests. From these forests the inhabitants took their wood for the construction of the houses and the churches. The craft of woodworking was practiced generation after generation in this village. A local legend says that a Moldavian shepherd named Dragut liked so much the lands in Arges county that he had never left them. He was one of the six sponsors of church which was built in 1814. Their names are carved in the wood, next to the church entrance. The construction was moved in the Golesti Museum in 1968 and dedicated to Saint Demetrios the New.