The mansion was built in 1640 by Visha of Golesti and his husband, Stroe Leurdeanu. This house has been the residence of the family for centuries. This place gave the Golescu boyars their identity and the power to go through the history. The Golescu Manor expresses monumentality and elegance, and combines the Romanian architectural tradition with elements of oriental influence and features of Western civilization. The house has a large cellar with arches and massive walls over which the ground floor has been built. The floor, made of a light wood structure, is accessible by using the elegant oak staircase that starts from the central hall of the house. We can imagine ladies in precious gowns and gentlemen in elegant costumes that cheerfully climbed the staircase to the floor where the balls took place. The exhibition recreates the way of life of the Golescu family, from the end of the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century. From the main hall, access is opened to all rooms that reconstitute the universe of this family: the guest room where the ladies named Golescu, Racoviță, Grant received and entertained guests, relatives or friends; the office of the four brothers – Ştefan, Nicolae, Radu and Alexandru Golescu – where the Revolution of 1848 was set up; the room of the great lady Zinca Golescu – simply and elegantly furnished – in which the future King Charles I was housed upon coming to Romania; the room where Dr. Davila’s family lived; the oriental chamber that evokes the atmosphere of the 18th century with coffee, tobacco and roses. In the winter salon, where Golescu family gathered for celebrations, two exceptional pieces are exhibited today: the throne of the kings of Romania and the desk of the King Charles I. The family relationships with the Royal House of Romania were not limited to the reception of Prince Charles I in the evening of May 9, 1866. Revolutionaries in 1848, supporters of the Union of Principalities in 1859, the political leaders of the Golescu family supported Charles I’s effort to modernize the Romanian state. How many joys, sorrows, tragedies and memories are closed between the walls of this house, how many great ideas have been uttered here, but also how many mysteries and plots will forever be hidden from the old and wise mansion! We look forward to discovering them and feeling the magic of the place left over centuries by one of the most important boyar families in Wallachia.