The horses and the ponies are lovely, friendly animals. For the viewer may seem like you do not have to do much, the horse or the pony doing all the work for you. But anyoane has climbed at least once in the saddle can say it is not so! Horse riding is beneficial both for maintaining mental well-being and for our physical health. At Golesti Museum horse and pony riding is carried out in a special settings, in the manege or in the park of the manor, the rider enjoying both the fresh and unpolluted air, as well as the beauty of trees, fruit trees and flowers. For children, interaction with horses and ponies stimulates and develops communication, self-confidence, sense of balance, mastery of emotions, and the ability to make decisions. If practiced on a regular basis, equitation engenders attention, patience and discipline. For adults, the benefits are just as numerous and important. Riding helps you burn calories, keep your heart healthy, train co-ordination, motor functions and visual acuity. Riding is a good way to get rid of stress and connect with nature. The museum provides optimal conditions for this activity: supervisors, fully equipped horses and ponies, riding helmet.

For pony or horse riding and carriage ride, the appointment is mandatory. 

Contact:  Mr. Aurelian Vidroiu- 0744 378 022