From December 2023 to February 2024, the Golești Museum invites you to visit the exhibition “Animals from Grandparents’ Yard”. On display are the winning paintings of the 13th edition of the International Children’s Painting Contest.

Tcaci Taisia, 7 ani, premiul 1, Republica Moldova


The contest received 380 paintings from 17 countries around the world, and the jury selected 46 paintings considered the most beautiful and with ethnographic significance.


Matej Sajko, 8 ani, premiul 2, Republica Slovacia

The paintings from the contest are also displayed in other museums and schools across Romania to introduce your creations to as many children as possible. Additionally, the artistic creations selected from the contest are used in thematic lessons organized by the Goleşti Museum with Romanian children, aiming to teach them about traditions and customs from around the world.

Smeet Parikh, 8 ani, premiul 2, India

The exhibition awaits you at the Golești Museum in the historical space named “Banul Radu Golescu’s Infirmary” to enchant you with stories about the best friends from grandparents’ yards.