The exhibition “From the Ethnographic Treasures of Muntenia,” realized in collaboration between the Golești Museum, the Teohari Antonescu County Museum in Giurgiu, and the Municipal Museum of Câmpulung, will be inaugurated in Giurgiu on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, starting at 11:00 AM.

This exhibition offers you a fascinating journey into the rich cultural heritage of this significant historical region of our country. This exceptional event brings to the forefront the beauty, creativity, and tradition of traditional costumes, reflecting the identity of three traditional regions – Argeș, Mușcel, and Vlașca.

The exhibition hosts a variety of costumes, each with its own story and uniqueness. Each piece is a living testament to local traditions and their evolution over time.

The traditional costumes from these regions are renowned across Europe for their elegance and refinement. They reflect the beauty, creativity, and wealth of the people in this area.

The “From the Ethnographic Treasures of Muntenia” exhibition is a tribute to local pride and identities, and an invitation to explore and appreciate our cultural heritage, which awaits you in Giurgiu from September to December 2023.