The Golesti Museum invites you to celebrate the most beautiful piece of traditional Romanian clothing on June 24, 2023. The exhibition of traditional blouses (ie) and drawings, which will be open on Saturday, brings together the past and the present, combining the embroidered blouses made by our ancestors with the drawings of contemporary artists.

The coordinators of the participating artistic circles are Elena Stoica and Mihaela Viorela Martin.

The Romanian blouse (ie) is an emblematic piece of traditional Romanian costume, incorporating a long cultural history and a rich artistic heritage. Despite its rural origins, this traditional garment has become a national symbol of Romania and has gained international recognition in recent decades. The importance of the Romanian blouse goes beyond being a simple item of clothing.

The Romanian blouse serves as a means of preserving and promoting popular traditions and crafts. The creation process of such a piece of Romanian folk clothing involves extensive manual work and artistic skill. Each stitch, embroidery, and pattern on the blouse carries its own story and specific technique. By preserving and transmitting these traditional embroidery and garment-making techniques, the cultural heritage of Romania is ensured, and future generations have the opportunity to connect with their cultural legacy.

Furthermore, the Romanian blouse has also become a source of inspiration for contemporary fashion designers. Currently, we see how traditional elements of the blouse are reinterpreted and integrated into modern creations. This contributes to the international promotion of Romanian design and strengthens a positive image of Romania as a center of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. Thus, the Romanian blouse becomes not only a cultural symbol but also a symbol of prestige and originality in the global context of contemporary fashion.