On March 27, 2023, the exhibition entitled “In motion” by Codruț Radi, will be opened in the Contemporary Art Hall of the Golești Museum.

The artist was born on October 5, 1957, in Sinaia. In 1983, he graduated from the Faculty of Energy within the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute. After 1991, he dedicated himself to the books selling. He is a member various literary groups:

“Simion Stolnicul” from Comarnic, a member of the Cenacl “Lucian Blaga” from Sinaia, of the Society of Writers “Costache Negri”, of the Society of Prahoveni Writers, of the Literary Circle “Geo Bogza” from Câmpina, of the Group from Ploiești and correspondent for several cultural magazines in which he published poems, essays, literary, visual and musical chronicles, short prose and cultural reports.

He published 10 volumes of his own poems.

He had over 20 personal exhibitions of graphics, drawing, painting and several other group exhibitions, at the Casino Sinaia Royal Gallery, at the Carmen Sylva Sinaia Cultural Center, the Pelișor Museum in Sinaia, the Bucegi Sinaia Nature Reserve Museum, the Iulia Hașdeu Câmpina Museum, the House of Culture Geo Bogza Câmpina, Posada Hunting Museum, Aurel Stroe Busteni Cultural Center, Sinaia City Museum…

Among the exhibited collections we mention: “Sinaia, from hermitages to palaces”, graphics, 2013; “Old Romania in new touches”, 2014, graphics and painting; “Signs and Symbols”, 2014, graphic; “Sinai seen from Comarnic”, graphics, painting, 2015; “Symbols and Visions”, 2015, graphic; “Ruins”, 2015, 2016, 2018, painting; “Nostalgii de Comarnic”, 2017, graphics, permanent exhibition, starting in 2017, at the Posada Museum; “Mountain Refuges”, painting, 2019; “Return to nature”, painting, 2021, Sinaia; “From hermitages to palaces”, painting, 2022, “Mountain junctions”, painting, 2022-2023.

He made illustrations for various books and magazines.

The Golești exhibition has various aesthetic values, being made up of a sequence of images composed of nature, buildings, objects and artistic elements and having a strong personal imprint. It can be visited until April 24, 2023.

Curator: Nicoleta Popa Grigore