On Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the Golești Museum, in the space called Bolnița Marelui Ban Radu Golescu, a graphic exhibition of a young and very promising plastic artist from Câmpulung will open. Ion Fușcel, invites us to discover „Only people…”, faces of all ages, which are carriers of dreams, ideals, joys, pains. A whole physiognomic and psychological palette is addressed by this promising artist. He is a graduate of the University of Pitesti, majoring in Sacred Art, and has a master’s degree in icon, mural and easel painting specialization. Ion Fușcel exhibited works during the student period at various openings together with the collective from Artă Sacră. He participated in collective projects such as ARTEC, financed by the EU through the Creative Europe program, in the company of established artists, on which occasion he exhibited in partnership in Câmpulung, Cluj-Napoca and Brussels.

As a restorer, he worked on no less than 10 mural painting and fresco restoration sites on the sites in Brăila, Prahova-Câmpina, Râmnicu Vâlcea-Bàrbăți, Pătrunsa, Argeș-Rădești, Ilfov-Cernica. Since 2016, he has been active at the Câmpulung Municipal Museum as a restorer, but also as an artistic pedagogue, participating in countless creative workshops and related activities.

A presentation of the artist is given to us by Mrs. Dr. Carmen Oprescu, art critic: “I have known Mr. Ion Fușcel since he was my student at Restoration – Sacred Art. A hard-working, studious student, modest in all circumstances, integrated into a wonderful group of young people who shared equivalent moral values and very strongly assimilated in their personality. Ion Fușcel, however, had a special sensitivity in all directions: in behavior, in studies in the workshop, in studies of theoretical subjects. I especially remember his reports on aesthetics, based on deep readings, a very special understanding and intuition. They are qualities that I am sure he has kept even today, for which the present exhibition, his first personal exhibition, which I think came so late, only out of an excess of modesty, is a testimony to them.”

We are waiting for you on Thursday, February 15, 2024, from 12.00 to join us at the opening of this beautiful exhibition, at the headquarters of the Golești Museum.