At the beginning of spring, we celebrate International Women’s Day through a fine art exhibition organized in collaboration with the Câmpulung Municipal Museum, entitled “Ladies’ portraits. Mystery and sophistication”.

In this exhibition we have included portraits of women, from children to adult ladies, but also self-portraits of female painters. They are paintings that exude sophistication and femininity, classic elegance that does not contrast with the determined and dynamic attitude of the modern woman.

There are 28 paintings from the collection of the Câmpulung Municipal Museum that are “visiting” the Goleștilor Mansion from March 6 to June 15, 2024.

The paintings are signed by names with resonance in Romanian painting: Elena Petraglu Deșliu, Ecaterina Delighioz-Cristescu, Vera Veslovschi-Nițescu, Ileana Ceaușu-Pandele, Maria Ciurdea-Steurer, Ilie Burghele, Gheorghe Theodorescu-Romanați, Lazăr Gherman, Costin Petrescu, Tudor Lorman, Șrefan Constantinescu, Bassarab, Iacovache Constantinescu.

Photo: aspects of the exhibition opening, March 6, 2024.