On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, starting at 10:00 AM, the Golesti Museum, the Historia Renescita Association, and the 6 Dorobanți Association invites you to an outdoor historical festival. The public will experience a true journey into our past. Reenactments of uniforms and military traditions from the 18th-19th centuries will be presented in special workshops.

The festival will open at 10:00 AM with a historical-military ceremony in the presence of a full detachment dressed in early 19th-century uniforms: Arnauts and Pandurs of Tudor Vladimirescu army, French soldiers from the Napoleon Bonaparte era. The soldiers will pay their respects to the officials and visitors. After the opening moment the uniforms, equipment, and weapons specific to the era will be presented.

Three demonstrative, educational, and interactive workshops will be organized as part of this event:

A recruitment center run by two non-commissioned officers. For about 45 minutes, recruits (preferably children, but also adults!) will receive front line instruction and will learn how to handle a weapon, as stipulated in old military regulations. The activity ends with a review of the volunteer team, the promotion in rank of the young soldiers, and the presentation of a military booklet.

The office for war correspondents and war artists. Here, the children can color and draw soldiers from 1821-1848. Drawing materials will be provided for free by the 6 Dorobanți Association. In the end, the drawings will be stamped with the regiment’s seal and signed by the commander for authentication. Estimated time for the activity: about 15 minutes.

The Military Post Office. The interested public will receive free vintage postcards (they can choose from several models depicting famous figures of the time, patriotic images, or pictures of Pitești from the early 20th century) and stamps, which they will then fill out with ink and quill, stamped with the “military censorship” seal and sent to the recipient by Romanian Post. Estimated time for the activity: about 15 minutes.


The Historia Renascita Association was founded in 2006 by a group of history enthusiasts. Currently, the association has 120 active members who can participate in events dedicated to historical reenactments with four very detailed sequences. The first reconstructed period is that of Daco-Roman antiquity, where association members can portray Roman military and civilians, as well as warriors and native Dacians, Celts, or Germans. A second historical tableau brings to the present the era of Kievan Russia, and the third is dedicated to the 1821 Revolution, reenacting specific Balkan military types of the time (Arnauts). The last reconstruction focuses on World War I, with association members embodying the Mateiaș Detachment and the Muscel 70th Infantry Regiment. The association members have participated in numerous events, presenting objectively and documented many aspects of Romanian and European history.


The 6 Dorobanti Association from Bucharest was founded in 2004 by a group of military artifact collectors, whose passion for history and its material evidence was cultivated over several decades, starting in the 1980s. Among them, we mention Mr. Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Horia Vladimir Serbanescu, Mihnea Serbanescu, and Aurelian Stroe. The association aims to cultivate Romanian military traditions, gloriously embodied by one of the most prestigious units of the Romanian army: the 6 Dorobanti Regiment “Mihai Viteazul”. The association has 26 active members and 12 collaborators who aim to organize and participate in historical reenactment events that educate young audiences in the spirit of love for the country and respect for military traditions. By reconstructing period uniforms, weapons, accessories, and equipment, association members contribute to the understanding of some of the most important moments in Romanian and universal history.