Dear friends,

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, starting at 12:00, will take place at the Golești Museum, the annual event titled International Poetry Day at the Golești Manor. It will be a cultural activity that brings together prominent poets from the entire Romanian cultural space. The event is in its sixth edition, and this year, it features the special guest, Moldovan writer Nicolae Spătaru.

The program includes public readings by the present poets, tributes to significant Romanian poets, literary discussions, and brief musical interludes provided by singer-songwriter Irina Munteanu. This year’s guest is a poet, prose writer, translator, cultural promoter, director of the literary magazine Quadrat, and the Ștefan cel Mare Library in Chisinau. Nicolae Spătaru was born on January 13, 1961, in the village of Horbova, Herța region, Cernăuți. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Cernăuți and is a member of the Writers’ Union of Moldova, the Writers’ Union of Romania, and the PEN Club. He is the author of several volumes of poetry, including titles such as “Ion and Other Revolutions,” “The Night When Pedestals Recruit Their New Glories,” “Sadness Recites from Rilke,” “Reading the Wall,” “Small Insomnias for Europe,” “The Madman with Only One Window,” and more. His prose works include “The Angel Wore a Mini Skirt,” “The Man Banished by Clocks,” “The Sunset of a Bicycle,” and the novel “Brejnev’s Masks.” He has also contributed to volumes like “The Clones’ Revolt” (journalism) and “Confessions in the Library” (cultural interviews). Nicolae Spătaru has received numerous national and international literary awards, and his work has been translated into volumes by author, anthologies, and cultural magazines in France, Germany, the USA, Hungary, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, the Czech Republic, Tatarstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and Spain.

Among others, the event will be attended by writers such as Romulus Brâncoveanu, Cosmin Tudor, Liviu Mățăuanu, Angi Melania Cîrstea, George Badea, Liliana Rus, Alexandra Niculae, Dumitru Ungureanu, Mircea Bârsilă, Cezar Mihai Pârlog, Mihaela Stanciu, Jean Dumitrașcu,  Nicolae Oprea, Dragoș Popescu, Dan Ioan Marta și Silvia Grigore.