If the walls would be able to talk, how many stories and how many secrets we would find out, how many joys and sadness we would relive from the past of the Golesti Medieval Court. In the spring of 1821, at Golesti, the atmosphere was tense, and the conflict was ready to trigger. Between May 18 and May 21, Tudor Vladimirescu and his army camped in Golesti. In the watchtower, which is today the main entrance of the museum, Tudor Vladimirescu was arrested by Iordache Olimpiotul, captain in the Greek conspiratorial organization „Filiki Eteria” („Society of Friends”). From Goleşti, Tudor Vladimrescu was led by the Greek soldiers to be tried and killed. The room of the watchtower is decorated with Turkish-made weapons and a copy of Tudor Vladimirescu’s battle flag, carried with glory by his fighters during the revolt.