The inn from Poseşti village (Prahova County) was built in 1860. Its presence in the Golesti Museum evokes a traditional world, the slow movement of the wagons, the agitation of the post chaise, the loneliness of the rider. Our inn is a welcoming and warm place, very friendly with the visitors who crossed the threshold of the Golesti Museum. It can be a simple place to rest where you fresh up with a beer. It can be also a place for the traveller to stay and nourish the body with roast and wine, and the soul with stories. Located at a crossroad, between roads, between yesterday and today, between destinies, our inn has remained a space at the border between real and dream. It is the only historical inn to be kept in an open-air museum in Romania. The objects and furniture – countertops, shelves, tables, chairs, barrels with crystal caps, brandy glasses, kitchen tools, traditional costumes, and bedside tables – are original and complete the atmosphere specific to a traditional inn. Entering here we can discover a kitchen where the food was prepared, a large dining room, two bedrooms for the wealthy travellers, and the room of the innkeeper. The poorer travellers spent the night in wagons, around the camp fire. News and gossip where shared. That’s how the information was flowing: where they were, what they saw, what they heard about the people they knew or about the foreigners.