The Golescu manor is surrounded by nature, flowers and trees, as an invitation to relaxation, as a reminder of an epoch when time passed slowly. Varied flowers, soft and fragrant roses, tall trees that scattered the clouds with their branches, fruitful and tasty fruit trees adorned the park near the mansion. A kiosk and a lake were built to delight the boyars and their guests. The boyars spent their summer holidays at the mansion: walks in the shade of the park’s huge trees, horse riding, fencing, tennis, painting … were their daily activities. Today, the Park offers his visitors a welcoming atmosphere, relaxation, a sense of joy in the middle of the nature. The green grass, the sweet fragrance of the roses, the sweet melody of the willows on the shores of the small lake, the cool shade of the trees, the vivid colours of the fruit trees invite you to linger, to contemplate the beauty of the place in order to fill your soul with joy.