The building of the Hârseşti Town Hall, Arges County, completes the image of the Romanian village in the Golesti Museum. If the church and the inn were the places of traditional sociability, the town hall and the village school represent the influence that modernity imprinted on the Romanian villages. The public building that was the seat of the local administration in Hârseşti was built at the beginning of the 20th century (1910-1911). The building has a river stone foundation, a rectangular plan, and four rooms, disposed on both sides of a large central hall. By closing a section of the hallway, was created the chamber where the weapons were kept. The entrance is through a pavilion, placed in the central axe of the building. The mayor’s office welcomes its visitors, every day, with an official and austere air. But we know a big secret – it awaits the young people eager to marry here: brides and grooms with the joyful smiles of the happy people.