In this delightful autumn, the Golești Museum invites you to the “Labyrinth of Stories,” alongside the students of the “Vlaicu-Vodă” National College – Curtea de Argeș. The project was coordinated by the professor Alexandra Zinca and carried out in collaboration with the Rest.Art Association.

Five stories have been reinterpreted and captured in expressive photographic frames, in which the students are the protagonists. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Baba Dochia were the five chosen stories to be represented in a way that resonates with the sensitivity of the current generation of adolescents.

The photographic stories were created in various locations across the country, from the mountain peaks at Piscu Negru to the famous mansions in Muntenia and Transylvania (Golești, Norocea, Maldăr, Apafi), and even on the streets of Sighișoara City.