The zip line is waiting for the courageous and adventurous children. It has a length of 60 meters and supports weighs of maximum 50 kg. The museum provides complete protection equipment: helmet, harness and protective gear, carabiner hook. Our staff supervises the equipment, departure from the platform and the safe arrival of the children.

The usage rules are as follows:

Use the zip line only in the presence of the trained staff of the museum;

Use only the equipment provided by our staff;

Access to the zip line is made only with complete equipment;

Do not touch the cord in any way during the use of the zip line;

Only physically and mentally capable people are allowed to use the zip line;

People under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or drugs with a similar effect can not use the zip line;

Parents / legal guardians / teaching staff accompanying minors will sign the Declaration of Risk Taking;

Do not use zip line on windy days, with heavy rains and electric discharge or in the winter season;

Failure to comply with the above conditions exonerates the museum and its staff from any liability.