In 2013, 58 paintings representing artistic documentary drawings made by the students of the Univ. Dr. Daniela Frumușeanu, from the National University of Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Department of Textile Arts and Textile Design; specialization Tapestry / Prints. Born in Bacău in 1961, Ms. Frumușeanu has over 30 personal exhibitions in Romania and other countries (France, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland, USA), over 210 participations in different types of exhibitions (national, municipal, biennial, triennial, quadrennials) and was curator/organizer of numerous national and international events. The 58 paintings are studies in pencil or watercolor, made by the students guided by Mrs. Frumușeanu as part of a documentation in which familiarization with the motifs, decorations and color palette of traditional Romanian art was pursued. Traditional shirts, armchairs, scarves, barks, various wooden objects and peasant ceramics inspired delicate and painstaking creations, fruit of the attention and talent of the draftsmen. Alexandra Neacșu, Florentina Micu, Cătălina Florescu, Alexandra Brândușoiu, together with university professor Dr. Daniela Frumușeanu are the authors of these plastic creations that take us on a journey to discover the artistic universe of the Romanian peasant. Several ethnographic areas, symbolic of the Romanian cultural area, are represented here: Mușcelul, Maramureșul, Oaș, Vrancea. The exhibition “Popular decorative motifs in plastic art. The Daniela Frumușeanu’s donation” will be on the shelves of the Golești Museum between September and October 2023.