On Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 11.00 AM, we invite you to the Goleștilor Mansion, to an encounter with the author of historical books and illustrations Radu Oltean and his last book, entitled „From Tudor’s time”, which appeared at Humanitas Publishing House. This book is a true visual spectacle, which revives with accuracy and passion a cloudy era, with the struggles, morals and lifestyle of strong men and women. The first half of the 19th century was the basis of the process of forming the Romanian nation within a modern state.

The book of Radu Oltean, dedicated to the Revolution of 1821 and Tudor Vladimirescu, is noted for the illustration of great historical accuracy, result of the author’s extended research and readings, which animates a well -documented and very beautiful text, adequate for both adult reading, as well as teenagers.

Haiduci, panduri, arnăuți, boyars and rulers, diplomats and intrigues, sumptuous vestments and weapons with crafted decorations, page by page, in front of the eyes of curious readers. A history book that holds the reader intrigued and alert, as only the adventure novels succeed. We meet with Radu Oltean, in a special historical framework, at the Golești Mansion, the place where some of the most dramatic scenes of the Revolution of 1821 were consumed: the execution of Captain Ioniță Urdăreanu , the abandonment of Tudor Vladimirescu by his own captains, the arrest of the latter by Iordache Olimpiot.