Monday, November 27, 2023, the painting exhibition titled “Noaptea îmi crește o piele curată” by the visual artist Dorina Cioplea will open in the Contemporary Art Hall of the Golești Museum.

Dorina was born in Târgu Jiu in 1987 and graduated from the “Constantin Brâncuși” University, specializing in Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, with her degree defended at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the West University of Timișoara. She also graduated from the “Constantin Brăiloiu” High School of Art and, during preschool, attended the courses of the People’s School of Art, both located in Târgu Jiu.

She has exhibited paintings, graphics, and installations in several cities across the country (Târgu Jiu, Petroșani, Timișoara, Bucharest, Mediaș, Satu Mare, Abrud, etc.) since high school. Dorina has held solo exhibitions in various cities across the country and her works are present in private collections both in Romania and abroad. From December 2011 to September 2012, she served as the manager of Galateea Gallery in Bucharest, the first gallery of contemporary ceramics in the country. Alongside Cristina Cioplea, she initiated the exhibition project “EGOgraphy,” which brought together hundreds of Romanian artists in Brâncuși’s city over a decade. Since 2016, she has been a curator at the Târgu Jiu Art Museum, a section of the Gorj County Museum “Alexandru Ștefulescu,” where she cares for the museum collection and organizes and curates dozens of exhibitions annually. Since 2007, she has also worked as a cultural journalist for various publications, and since 2011, she has contributed to Agenț She is a co-founder of the Umur brand – a workshop for painting and printing on textiles.

As the artist herself confesses, the project “Noaptea îmi crește o piele curată” is a mirror of her most intimate experiences and memories, a journey through time and her emotional space, a liberation through exhibition, a puzzle that demanded to be assembled: “Sometimes it worked almost like a hypnosis session, a creative trance where I didn’t know what I would bring to the surface and what form it would take. Other times, I could clearly visualize what I was about to do, with these ‘clarifications’ coming when I least expected, walking to work, reading a book, playing with my child, Aron, hearing a word on the street, or smelling a scent.

For me, the night is the time of deep clarifications, healing, and nature reclaiming its rights in a magical time. Late at night, when people sleep, a clean skin grows on me.”

Regarding this project, the writer Dan Mircea Cipariu states:

“The night is a time and space for the sedimentation of daytime life, of the past that remains the past. Synesthesia also participates as a revealing element of memory. The vivid memory, which replaces the past with a clean skin, claims both the present to be and to dwell in a continuous present and the gateway to a magical and illuminated existence. The forest at Pojogeni, those who have departed to the world with longing, are among the subjects and objects of inner mappings mediated by Night, a time of deep clarifications, healing, and especially the time of self-regeneration and magical regeneration of the universe.”

The exhibition at the Golești Museum is thus an initiatory exercise of transformation and regeneration, a cleansing that unfolds slowly and painfully.

It will be open for visitation until February 7, 2024.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Curator: Nicoleta Popa Grigore.