From April 24, 2024, the Golești Museum offers you a unique artistic experience and a meeting with our great actors. We inaugurate, at 12.00 AM, the sculpture exhibition of Mr. Chief Commissioner Aurelian Bădulescu, specialist of the Romanian Police in forensic identification.

The exhibition titled Great Actors. Immaterial essences that will open at the Golești Museum bring together artistic talent, physiognomy and psychology. A forensic officer with extensive experience in identifying people, Aurelian Bădulescu creates portraits of victims without identity or robot portraits of criminals, based on the descriptions provided by witnesses. The artist-policeman has several firsts, from post-mortem facial reconstruction in clay, robot portrait in clay, to artificial facial aging. About all this, the policeman speaks with great modesty, in an interview for the “Romanian Police” Magazine, in which he confesses that 70% is science and work, and 30% the grace with which he was given to be able to “read” and be able to complete a man’s physiognomy, often starting from the very few features that are available to forensic officers. We are sure that the famous American series Bones, Dexter, C.S.I NY or C.S.I. Miami already come to mind.  The investigators, through whose work, where science meets art, criminals are identified and brought to justice.

What does an artist and a forensic scientist see in famous people? What physical features attract his attention? What psychological characteristics does he notice in them and which does he choose when sculpting their faces? But you? Who are your favorite Romanian artists? And which movies or plays they starred in do you remember? How would you describe them if you had to make their robot portrait?

Aurelian Bădulescu’s exhibition is art, inspiration and sensitivity, but also forensic science and psychology. From April 24 to June 18, we invite you, in Bolnița Marelui Ban Radu Golescu, to a special exhibition, a complex artistic excursion and a recollection of the greatest actors of the Romanian stage.