On Monday, April 15, 2024, the exhibition of glass icons titled “Icons on Glass at the Crossroads of Time,” belonging to the artist Ioana Alexe, will open in the Contemporary Art Hall of the Golești Museum.

The painter was born in Buzău on September 12, 1970. In 1989, she graduated from Industrial High School No. 3 in Buzău, in 1995 from the Academy of Economic Studies, in 1997 from the Popular School of Arts in Lahovari, and in 2002 from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Sculpture Department, Class of Prof. Dr. Vasile Gorduz.

She has participated in several monument restoration projects in Bucharest and Buzău and has had several solo exhibitions both domestically and internationally:

2004 – “Paintings,” Berlin, a 5-week painting exhibition with a studio.

2005 – “Reality TV,” painting exhibition with performance and vernissage, Berlin.

2006 – “Bazaar,” drawing exhibition, Berlin.

2011 – “Untitled,” Crystal Ball Gallery, Berlin.

2020 – “Zwischen den Zeiten,” Berlin.

She has participated in group exhibitions in Timișoara, Bucharest, Buzău, Berlin, Paris, Bremen, Riga, etc.

After graduating from the National University of Arts in 2002, the artist moved to Berlin for a 3-month residency, but did not return to her home country until 2021. Regarding this departure, as well as her life in Germany, Ioana speaks in a beautiful interview she gave to Vioara Bara:

“An artist integrates where and when they want; art has a universal language and requires a certain acceptance of freedom. There is a huge difference between a young artist without responsibilities, without a family, and an artist with the status of a mother, especially with the special status of a single mother, a freelance artist who does not live off art and cannot participate in the hectic artistic life, so the mother remains in a niche with special content, which actually disadvantages her.”

In the same interview, when asked what things hurt her, Ioana responds:

“Helplessness, of all kinds, lack of understanding, there are many… I don’t know how to tell them, I DRAW them almost every day, and that’s why I say – it’s a great gift to be able to express yourself, to create a world with what the soul touches, to be able to laugh, cry, scream through a universal language that brings you closer to who you are, but it’s a long and difficult journey that requires special skill, time, and sacrifice.”

The exhibition opened at the Golești Museum is a journey into the world of glass icons from different regions of the country, a reconstitution of old heritage icons. It will be open for visitation until June 16, 2024.

Curator: museographer Nicoleta Popa Grigore.