Friday, May 5, 2023, will be a day of historical evocations at the Golești Museum. Our institution will host the students’ conference of the history department of the Faculty of Theology, Letters, History and Arts (University of Pitesti). The students are coordinated by the professor PhD Claudiu Neagoe. Specialist in the medieval and pre-modern history of Romania, PhD Claudiu Neagoe is a passionate researcher of history and author of numerous specialized studies. The last volume signed by the professor Neagoe is Arnăutii in the Romanian Countries: (18th-19th centuries): Historical Study (2022). Phd Claudiu Neagoe, Cătălin Drăghici and head of the History and Pedagogy section PhD Cristina Boțoghina will be the tree speakers of the conference “Arnăuți and Panduri in Golești in May 1821”.