On Friday, May 5th, 2023, at 1:00 PM, at the Golesti Museum (in the space called “Banul Radu Golesti’s Infirmary) will take place the opening of the exhibition Historical Reflections, whose author is the history professor and artist Cătălin Drăghici,

The painter is also the president of the Cultural Association Historia Renascita, whose activity focuses on historical reenactments.

An important part of Cătălin Drăghici ‘s activity is the book illustration. This activity required a successful symbiosis between art (the ability to render the proposed subject in high-level graphics, as detailed as possible) science (the ability to gather/filter information from the historical and archaeological research area, which requires extremely thorough documentation).

Cătălin Drăghici is the main illustrator of Historia, the most important national historical periodic publication that is aimed at the general public. He has projects with the most prestigious military history publishers and publications in the world – Osprey and Helion from the United Kingdom, as well as periodic collaborations with Ancient Warfare Magazine.

The exhibition will be on the shelves of the Golești Museum until June 22, 2023.