On Sunday, June 16, 2024, the sculpture exhibition entitled INSIDE MAN, belonging to the visual artist Lucian Dragomir, will be opened in the Contemporary Art Hall of the Golești Museum. He was born on January 23, 1979, in Mediaș, where he still lives today.

He trained as a wood carver starting at the age of 12 and perfected himself until the age of 18 in the Club of the Pioneer House. He was always self-taught when it came to art. He attended the Faculty of Automation and Computers in Timișoara.. He re-entered the area of ​​sculpture in 2014. In recent years, after improving his techniques, he created increasingly complicated works. His works come to life by adding thousands upon thousands of layers of weld bead. They ended up in 26 countries on 6 continents, some in private collections, others in hotels or in different clubs.

The work that bears the title of the exhibition and that can be found on the poster is executed through a special technique. By welding countless layers of molten wire. This wire is very hard and always the outer layer hardens, making it very difficult to grind. About this technique, the author states: “I call it sculpture with closed eyes, because when you weld, you only see that welding pool. On average, the duration of a welding arc to perform such work is about 4 seconds, and with the next layer you have to correct what is wrong in the previous one. You repeat this work thousands and thousands of times to give a final expression to the work. The work itself represents the man within. Starting from the principle that we each have our own experiences, frustrations, which we feel the need to release. ”

The exhibition can be visited until September 15, 2024.