During the period June 13th to August 1st, 2023, the art exhibition “Space and Time” will be open to the general public. The exhibition is a result of a cultural collaboration partnership initiated by the Golesti Museum and the HDU Cultural Center Association from Bucharest.

The exhibition showcases a selection of works by the members of the CCHDU Association and their invited guests, displayed in the Contemporary Art Hall of the Golesti Museum. The exhibited works include paintings, sculptures, graphics, textile arts, photography, new media, and more, created by Romanian and foreign artists who are connected through their workspace in the community of creative studios, yet different in their individual, authentic, and unique creative processes.

The HDU Cultural Center Association, founded in 2011, has engaged in a rich cultural activity as a creative group, exploring and communicating through art. The artistic journey of each artist until today, in the year 2023, has shaped their personality, built their image, and defined their unique individual expression within the diversity of possibilities for mobility and communication offered by contemporary technology.

The purpose of this event is to showcase the artistic creations of the artists from the HDU Cultural Center Association, presenting it as a cultural institution that has followed the path of interconnection and sensitization of audiences of all ages. It aims to position itself within the promotion of contemporary creation, acting as a constant supporter of intercultural exchanges, dialogue with art and tradition, as well as the educational values contained within the artistic phenomenon.

The exhibition highlights the diverse perspectives of the 14 selected artists, presented in an original exhibition context with references to profound Romanian culture and tradition, requiring the audience to engage in an exercise of harmonization and coherent completion with the original elements specific to each artist present in the historical space of the Golesti Manor.


Exhibitors: Doru Drăgușin, Bogdan Breza, Elena Anton, Nelu Predoi, Raluca Casaru, Mihai Marin Cîrstea, Constantin Mîrzea, Viorica Slădescu, Pedro Gonzales Montaño, Violeta Carp, Diana Brăescu, Ilie Chioibaș, Ioana Budeș, Ernest Budeș.


Organizers & Partners:

Golesti Museum

HDU Cultural Center Association Bucharest

CESI, University of Bucharest


Event documentation: Diana Brăescu, Mihai Milea and Viorica Slădescu

Curator: Nicoleta Popa