With joy and pride, today we celebrate the 84th anniversary of the founding of the Golesti Museum. This prestigious institution, located near the vine-covered hills of Stefanesti, carries forward a centuries-old cultural heritage. Originally named after the scholar Dinicu Golescu, the Golesti Museum was founded in 1939 with the aim of preserving and promoting the heritage and historical memory of one of the most important boyar families in Wallachia, the Golesti family. Over the years, the museum has become an emblematic place where history, art, and traditions converge and are carefully preserved. Numerous valuable collections and exhibits find their place here, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich past of the Romanian nation, to explore traditions and customs that define our identity.

Visitors to the Golesti Museum are greeted by the authentic atmosphere of a 19th-century boyar residence. Paintings, furniture, artworks, books, and historical documents are displayed with care and devotion, transmitting emotion and knowledge. Through permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum offers a captivating journey into the history of the Golescu family and the era of national revival, which began with the Revolution of 1821. Through the open-air museum, we celebrate the traditions of the Romanian village, the depth, and authenticity of our way of being Romanian.

Today’s anniversary represents an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the remarkable contributions of the institution’s founders and all generations of specialists who have supported the development and activities of our museum over the years. Thanks to their passion and dedication, we have the privilege of accessing this cultural treasure that enriches our knowledge and connects us to our roots. We thank them all for their dedicated work and for giving us the opportunity to keep our memory and traditions alive. A respectful remembrance to those who built this institution and have passed into eternity.

With confidence and enthusiasm, we look towards the future of the Golesti Museum, aware of its importance and its ongoing mission in educating and inspiring future generations. We celebrate this anniversary with hearts filled with pride and the desire to honor and cherish the cultural values that the Golesti Museum represents.

Happy birthday, our beloved museum!