Dear lovers of literature, on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the fifth edition of the International Poetry Day will take place at the Golești Manor (Golești Viticulture and Tree growing Museum). The event will start at 13:00, and will take place in the form of a literary workshop, with public readings, evocations of important Romanian poets and short musical intermezzos.

This year’s edition will have a special guest: the poet and editor Călin Vlasie. He will be accompanied by three special guests and friends of the Golești Museum, who come from Bessarabia: the writer and musician Vitalie Colț, the poet Cristina Dicusar and the writer Dumitru Crudu.



This year’s special guest is a poet, essayist, publicist and editor. He was born on May 21, 1953, in Buzau. He graduated from the National College I.C. Brătianu from Pitesti and the Faculty of Philosophy – History of the University of Bucharest. He participated in the founding, in 1977, of “Cenaclului de Luni” led by critic and literary historian Nicolae Manolescu. He has contributed poetry, essays and articles to the main culture magazines in the country. He was editor and director of the magazines “Argeș” and “Calende” (December 23, 1989 – June 1993), and founded and managed numerous prestigious publishing houses. As a book publisher, he has a track record of 5,500 titles, the collections he created being cultural landmarks in post-December 1989 Romanian literature. He was a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism of the University of Pitesti.

In 2002, he founded the Pitesti Branch of the Romanian Writers’ Union, which he led until 2005.

He made his editorial debut in 1981 with the poem “Neuronia”, published in “Biblioteca Argeș”, no. 2 (supplement of the journal of the same name). He has published several volumes of poetry, a journal of ideas, a volume of journalism and a volume of interviews. In 2017, he published the volume containing his entire poetic work.


Cristina Dicusar is a young poet from Bessarabia. She was born in 1993. His literary debut took place in 2012, in the magazine “Clipa”. She studied philology at the State University of the Republic of Moldova. She discovered poetry through the poet Marina Țvetaeva, about whom she says in an interview that: “I found in this author an immense strength and a belief in poetry that was impossible to shake. She was the author who made me understand that poetry (in the broadest sense) is the only form of life without pretense”.


Vitalie Colț is a complex and complete artist. He is a writer and musician. He is part of the bands “Snails”, “Furiosnails” and “Via Daca”. He collaborates with different artists from the Republic of Moldova and Romania. In 2020 he published the volume “The Army does not get involved in the conflict”, a book that explores the humanity and feelings of young soldiers forced to fight in the 1992 Transnistrian conflict.


Dumitru Crudu is, for our museum, first and foremost a dear friend. Poet, prose writer and dramatist of great talent, whose value is attested by the numerous awards received throughout his career in Romania, Poland, and Serbia etc. He is the first Romanian playwright performed in Africa and Central America. The volume of stories Oameni din Chisinau and the novel Five o’clock and seven minutes were translated into Czech, by the Petr Štengl Publishing House, and the book Trotsky’s Greetings, into French, by the L’Harmattan Publishing House (2021).