On August 14-15, 2023, the Golesti Museum is open to visitors between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (last entry at 5:00 PM).

Warm wishes and good wishes to those celebrating their name day on August 15th!

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is an important event in Christian tradition, celebrated on August 15th. On this day, the moment is marked when the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was taken miraculously from Earth to heaven by God.

According to Christian tradition, the Virgin Mary lived a virtuous and holy life, remaining pure and unblemished. During her lifetime, she was chosen to become the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. After the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, Mary continued to live her life with confidence and devotion to God.

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is described in various ways in different Christian traditions. In most accounts, Mary was preparing to meet God in heaven, and the apostles were present at this wonderful moment. By the will of God, Mary’s body did not experience decay, and her soul was lifted to heaven. There, she was welcomed by angels and placed in proximity to her Son, Jesus Christ.

This holiday conveys profound messages related to the Christian faith. It emphasizes the importance of a pure life, trust in God, and hope in eternal life. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary reminds us that prayer, obedience, and virtues can lead us toward closeness to God.”