In December 2022, the first issue of Z.MEU, the first museum newspaper in Romania, edited and coordinated by our colleagues from the Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex: museographer Gela Neamțu – project coordinator and museographer Mihaela Bolog. The first issue of the newspaper is the editorial of a symbolic exhibition that brings together 12 museums in Romania, “Beyond the story. The language of inherited costumes”. It is a travelling exhibition that brings together symbolic objects of traditional Romanian life and of the ethnic communities of our territory, objects that tell stories about a world of long ago, with its way of relating to the universe and to society.

In the first issue of the magazine, specialists from the 12 museums tell you these stories, accompanied by photographs of the port pieces and old photographs, from which the great-grandparents look at us, beyond time.

Z.MEU is a publication designed to talk about heritage, to give voice to fascinating stories that attract the general public to museums, these institutions that preserve cultural memory.



The participating museums in the project are: Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex, National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Gorj County Museum “Alexandru Ștefulescu”, Ethnographic Museum of Moldova, Museum of Viticulture and Pomiculture Golești, Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, County Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art Maramureș, Museum of Ethnography Brașov, Maramureșean Museum Sighetul Marmației, Museum of Braila “Carol I”, Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilization, and the Ethnographic Collection “Marius Matei”.

We invite you to follow the route of this meaningful exhibition and not to miss any issue of Z. MEU!