On Friday, October 6, 2023, in the “Bolnița banului Radu Golescu” hall at the Golești Museum, the exhibition “Sentimental Echoes” by the visual artist Florin Grădinaru will open. Born in Craiova in 1975, Florin Grădinaru studied visual arts in his hometown, where he has also participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions from 2001 to the present. In addition to these exhibitions in the capital of Oltenia region, the artist has exhibited works in international group exhibitions in Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, and France. In Romania, he has exhibited at miniature, painting, and graphic salons in Bucharest, Timișoara, Satu Mare, Iași, Brăila, Tulcea, and Arad.

Drawing and painting, along with comic book illustrations, children’s book illustrations, and graphic design, are approached with great sensitivity to create true sentimental journeys full of color. About his work, Florin Grădinaru confesses on his personal blog: “I started drawing since childhood, like children do. Using traditional or digital techniques, for characters and composition concepts, seeking expressiveness, dynamics, and attention to details; figurative illustrations with heroes, fairies, and animals, scenes inspired by nature or fantasy.”

We invite you to the fantastic and sensitive world of Florin Grădinaru at the Golești Museum from October 6 to November 6.