On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, on the occasion of the annual cultural event “Days of the county museum”, at the headquarters of the “Teohari Antonescu” Giurgiu County Museum, the opening of the exhibition “From the ethnographic treasures of Muntenia” took place, which will be visited until the end of November.
On this occasion, the priceless endowment of Muntenia was brought to the public in Giurgiu, thanks to a good collaboration between the museum in Golești and those in Giurgiu and Campulung Muscel.
The event was attended by representatives of the museums from Câmpulung and Golești, as well as the mayor of Giurgiu, Mr. Adrian Anghelescu, the vice-mayor of Giurgiu, Mr. Ionel Muscalu, the abbot of the Comana Monastery, Archimandrite Mihail Muscariu, the manager of the Center for Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Giurgiu, Mrs. Carmen Pețanca, the director of the Giurgiu County Office of the National Archives, Mrs. Cristina Olteanu, together with a large and warm audience interested in our ancestral traditions.