On Thursday, October 12, 2023, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the “Basarab I” Land Forces School of NCOs and Warrant Officers, the Golești Museum, under the management of Narcis Iustin Dejanu, participated in the festivities marking this beautiful celebration.

During this comprehensive event, our museum contributed with an exhibition dedicated to the descendants of the Golescu family and related families (Davila, Grant, Racoviță, Brăescu) who fought in the Second Balkan War and the First World War. The story of these brave men, who were either volunteers or career officers, was unfolded through informative panels and, most importantly, through the exhibited objects: the bullet that killed Nicolae Golescu on the Sălătruc front, the epaulet of Dumitru Golescu’s uniform, who died for the country in the Cocargea battle (Dobrogea), photographs of the Golescu family and their descendants in military uniforms, numerous decorations received for their valor during the conflicts.

It was an honor for our institution to mark this moment of joy and celebration of Romanian military education by participating in the ceremonies organized on this occasion, and we were pleased to present the exemplary stories of valor and sacrifice for the country of the Golescu family to today’s military personnel.

On October 12, 1863, the decree was issued to establish the “School for the Children of the Troops of Various Regiments of the Army” in Iași. Starting from the 1960s, the school was relocated to the Pitești garrison and trained NCOs and warrant officers for tank and automotive units. Since the 1990s, the military school in Pitești has been preparing NCOs and warrant officers for the land forces of the Romanian Army. In 2004, it was given the honorary name “Basarab I,” and four years later, it was awarded the Battle Flag. The school in Pitești is a landmark in Romanian military education. Here, future specialists are trained and prepared to maintain and repair the military equipment of our army.

From Golești, we wish them “Happy Anniversary!” in the service of education and the Romanian Army, because, as the school’s motto says, “victory belongs to the tenacious”.