Muzeul Golești vă invită, în perioada iulie-septembrie 2023, să explorați universul și constelațiile sale în cadrul expoziției  itinerante Constelații românești tradiționale.

From July to September 2023, the Golesti Museum invites you to explore the universe and constellations within the traveling exhibition Traditional Romanian Constellations.

The exhibition currently held at Golesti is the result of a project developed by our colleagues from the Baia Mare Astronomical Complex. This digital exhibition presents information on how our ancestors interpreted the starry sky. The exhibition consists of nine LCD monitors displaying dynamic digital “paintings.” Each monitor repetitively showcases the stories of four or five constellations. To ensure an individual experience, each monitor is accompanied by headphones so that visitors can listen to the stories without disturbing others. Additionally, next to each monitor, there is a printed poster providing relevant information about the constellations presented on that particular screen.

The project team has identified 39 Romanian constellations, of which 19 are part of universal mythology, while 20 are original indigenous constellations that exclusively reflect the Romanian people’s vision of the sky.

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