The Golesti manor is the place where education was loved and sustained. Radu and Dinicu Golescu set up schools and supported the development of education in Romanian language. Thanks to these generous and visionary boyars, who brought modern customs in Romania, we have today a national identity and a culture. Many hours of hard work and the creativity of the teachers and the children led to small shows. Parents and grandparents will witness the end of the school year celebration, with emotions that are sometimes higher than those of the little artists. What better place than the Golesti Museum can be found to run such a long-awaited event in the school life? History, school tradition, entertainment, nature … all are waiting here! The Golesti Museum can offer you space for school celebrations, both inside or in the middle of nature, in the Golesti Park. You come with the show and we provide the sound equipament and the fun (riding pony / horses, Zip Line, climbing tree).